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Automate business processes end-to-end with guaranteed results using Billfella Intelligent Document Processing (IDP).

AP Invoice Automation +  Service Platform  


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Capture Documents via Email or through Web

Real Time Dashboard with Live Status, Bill Count, Storage etc​

Automatic Line and Total Validations

Automatic Batch Creation and Batch Processing​

QC Tool – Auto Highlight of Fields with Lower Confidence​

Master Data Matching

Our 4 Step Process Delivery​

Step 1

Collect, Verify, Acknowledge & Alerts​

Step 2 

Segregate, Document imaging, capture and extraction using advanced AI/ML Extractor Engine

Step 3

Two Level QC Verification and Approval​ 

Step 4 

Data Delivery through API | Integration with 3rd Party Systems -ERP, Financial Systems 


Any Source

Effortless Invoice import via multiple sources -Azure Blob , AWS S3 bucket , OneDrive, Google Drive, Excel, CSV etc

100% Accuracy

Touchless Process with QC Process. Duplicate Invoice protection & Alerts. Eliminate Data Entry Errors

Save on Costs

Save on Time and Money with Quick TAT. Our Inbuilt Ticketing System in customer portal can be used to raise any concern.


Seamless Realtime 3rd Party Integrations with ERPs, Payment Portals and Financial Systems

Services Offered

Accounts Payable (AP) Automation
Purchase Order (PO) & 3 Way Matching with GR​
Payment and Bank Reconciliation
Data Matching , Consolidation, Verification and Validation​​​

Our Platfrom

Capture - Process  - Deliver

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